Here are some of my attempts...
The one to the right ( that is right side up) you may recognize as Suzie from STYLE BUBBLE


I've come across, once again, this fashion illustrator who goes by the name of coco. I had forgotten her website the first time around so luckily I stumbled upon her in NYLON the other day.

Needles to say I'm inspired. But also devastated , I mean just LOOK at them!



London has way too many good collections going on for fall 09, but I'll try to condense them as much as I can( ok no I won't). My favorites so far...

O.K. lets hope I don't mess this up. From the top left:
1-3. is Luella Bartley.
4-8. Jenny Packham.
Her work reminds me of the renaissance Venetian art I am learning about in class: very intricate and decorative. #6. reminds me of the costume of the silk spectre from WATCHMEN-yes I'm a nerd I realize, but I'm really excited for the movie.
9-10. Christopher Kane
11-15. Eley Kishimono. If flight attendants dressed like that maybe I would have been one. I love the blue.
16. Paul Costelloe.
17-18. Nathan Jenden
19. Aquascutum.
20-22. John Rocha
23. Basso & Brooke. Not afraid of color thats for sure.


It's cars like these that make me want to learn to drive

I know, it's sad- I haven't gotten my drivers license quite yet. My excuse is that I haven't really been inspired enough by the automobile of today, but that may soon change. There is this fabulous car called the Carver one.
It's like a hybridd between a car/motercycle/ jet plane, it's environmentaly friendly, looks really fun to drive and most importantly it comes in different colors.

Also mini coopers are becoming electric, which I'm sure every style conscious/ eco-friendly person will be happy about. Now we only have to wait until they make the battery small enough so that it doesn't take up the entire back seat!


so I'm not going to say too much about Lorick right now { because a. I'm tired as it's 1:33 and b. I will definitely be writing more on this topic in the future.} Because... drum roll please... I will be interning there in the summer ( I know I still can't believe it.) I've seen a lot popping up about Lorick on other blogs, but to sum things up: Abigail Lorick, model turned designer gets her shiny new line on Gossip Girl and now, here we are: fall 09 collection. Her classic yet playful designs had a more sombre felling to them this season, to represent the economic times:

“This Fall ‘09, I hope the Lorick collection inspires our ladies to draw themselves through these difficult times with their elegance shining stronger than ever.”

Quote and sketches found here
Lorick website



This makes me wish fall was forever.




Here's my sad little attempt at a "Barnaby Ward" style drawing. I still have a ways to go I know, I know...

But if you're wondering who this is, well then you're in luck.
She's Laura Marling who has an album Alas I Cannot Swim out now. "My Manic and I" is my favorite song so far.

You can check her out Here: http://www.lauramarling.com/