All right. How to begin.
Well I think I'll start with an artist who's website I have been stalking quite a bit lately and who makes my little attempts at art seem silly. His work has a relaxed doodle-like feel to it that can become quite complex ( especially when he gets to drawing machinery). He makes it seem so effortless that I couldn't help but try ( and fail) but I'll keep trying because it is that good. Here's a few examples.

They kind of portray what this blog is all about( or at least will be when I write more than one post): fashionable strangeness...

He also has a book out which I really want but am not brave enough to order online ( or have a credit card/money.) It's called Sixteen Miles to Merricks and from what I've seen { he's starting to post the chapters online} It looks freakishly good.

Heck I'd get it even if it weren't, just for the amazing art...

All this can be found here: http://somefield.com/gallery/gallery.html

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  1. I like this drawing very much. :)
    And welcome to blogspot! ;)