so I'm not going to say too much about Lorick right now { because a. I'm tired as it's 1:33 and b. I will definitely be writing more on this topic in the future.} Because... drum roll please... I will be interning there in the summer ( I know I still can't believe it.) I've seen a lot popping up about Lorick on other blogs, but to sum things up: Abigail Lorick, model turned designer gets her shiny new line on Gossip Girl and now, here we are: fall 09 collection. Her classic yet playful designs had a more sombre felling to them this season, to represent the economic times:

“This Fall ‘09, I hope the Lorick collection inspires our ladies to draw themselves through these difficult times with their elegance shining stronger than ever.”

Quote and sketches found here
Lorick website

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  1. Lorick impressed me very much so, and I love this Sufjan Stevens song!! =]