London has way too many good collections going on for fall 09, but I'll try to condense them as much as I can( ok no I won't). My favorites so far...

O.K. lets hope I don't mess this up. From the top left:
1-3. is Luella Bartley.
4-8. Jenny Packham.
Her work reminds me of the renaissance Venetian art I am learning about in class: very intricate and decorative. #6. reminds me of the costume of the silk spectre from WATCHMEN-yes I'm a nerd I realize, but I'm really excited for the movie.
9-10. Christopher Kane
11-15. Eley Kishimono. If flight attendants dressed like that maybe I would have been one. I love the blue.
16. Paul Costelloe.
17-18. Nathan Jenden
19. Aquascutum.
20-22. John Rocha
23. Basso & Brooke. Not afraid of color thats for sure.


  1. Gorgeous, all of it<3

    It's true, sometimes it's so hard to choose between colors when shopping.... once in a while it's good to go for two. Thanks for the comments!! =]

  2. I love blue colour so much at the moment! Nice outfits!